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Choose from our selection of comfortable and stylish beds & mattresses, ranging from double mattresses & single mattresses to king size beds and leather beds.
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Rest Assured Mattresses
Rest Assured have been making beautiful beds and mattresses since the year 1898. That means over 100 years insight and experience into the perfect nights sleep.
The result is a range of beautiful beds and mattresses that are so luxuriously comfortable, you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Supreme indulgence is how it has been described.
Exquisite style and chic design go hand in hand with traditional pocket springs, luxurious fabrics and plush fillings in this beautiful range of beds and mattresses from Rest Assured.

Rest Assured as part of the Silentnight Group is now certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC Chain Of Custody label guarantees that the timber or fibre used in all our divans and headboards come from FSC-certified forests, that trees harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. In addition to forest certification, the FSC certified Chain of Custody element promises to track the timber through every stage in the supply chain from the forest to the final user, to guarantee that the item is genuinely FSC.
Rest Assured have their very own factory at Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Using the latest computer technology invoking JIT ordering, computer controlled manufacturing, and their own spring production facility.
Rest Assured beds are designed to be the ultimate sanctuary, a safe haven where you can relax away from the worries of the world, choose from the sumptuously luxurious Classic Pocket 1000, the superior comfort of the Pocket 1400, outstanding support of the Pocket 2000 or the indulgent comfort of the Sanctuary 2400 Collection.
Rest Assured understand how comfort is as personal and individual as you are. While some people prefer soft beds with plenty of give, others prefer a firmer bed. The trick is to find the bed that supports your body without you even noticing.


  Faux leather beds, Leather Beds

The faux leather bed is a striking stylish frame that dominates the bedroom. Its soft, yet strong, and available in a variety of colours, black, brown, red, cream  and fabric mixed. The expresso brown tends to be a very dark brown, so dark that it isn't until you put something black against it that you can say it isn't black.
 Some like the mistral faux leather bed has white stitching giving a particularly attractive style, others blend the stitching into the headboard by using the same colouring.
We urge caution when laminated floors are used in bedrooms, many metal and leather beds don't get on well with the slippery surface. The central support legs tend to stick to the floor, while if the bed is nudged sideways, the bed moves - the support legs don't and when the next person goes to bed, the central support leg can get bent. The answer to this is to place a complete rug or carpet under the whole bed so if it does slide it all slides together, alternatively fix the bed down so it doesn't move. Leather beds and faux leather beds are vurtually indistinguishable, and are available in  many sizes depending on which model you look at. There are singles, 4' or three quarter, doubles, king and super king faux leather beds, and less choice in real leather beds - normally double, king and super king sizes.
Contract beds, waterproof and nursing home mattresses

Dialamattress supply a wide range of contract beds and nursing home mattresses, not all are shown on the website. The Pvc mattress are popular due to their price, while the breathable waterproof mattresses offer greater comfort and aren't just like lying on a plastic bag. There is also a whole range of source 5 mattresses which have the higher fire retardent ratings, the hotelier is more of a term and we have several from various manufacturers. Theses mattresses are not just for nursing homes and care homes, but for childrens homes, hospitals, and are suitable for household use where there is a need. Some small nursing homes do buy normal mattresses but we advise against nothing less than the source 5 or crib 5 fire rated models, which naturally cost more, but it is surprising just how many different models are available.

Customer Testimonials

 Mrs Timmis (Birmingham), " The  memory foam mattress and bed are fantastic, thankyou for the excellent service and wonderful product". 

Ms Sal (Stafford), "the Rest Assured Sanctuary 2400 mattress is an absolute dream - biggest problem is getting up now."                                                               

Mr Simpson (Essex), "Briliiant service, very fast and efficient. Goods arrived by courier in first rate condition".

Mr Clarke (Hull), "Absolutely fabulous, ordered on Monday, arrived on Tuesday, all wrapped up in cardboard. Now I've assembled it, it looks fantastic. I can definitely recommend".

Mrs Partridge (Kent), A+++++++++++++ Fantastic after sales, items matched perfectly!!!!!

Mrs Moffitt (Stoke), "Wonderful dealing with Dialamattress and  Dial4furniture, I will be recommending them".

Ms Johnson and Mr Coron (St Ives), " Dialamattress and Dial4furniture made us feel so valued we've been back time and time again".

Mr Shreeve(Shrewsbury), "We bought mattresses and beds for the whole hotel. I can honestly say we've never slept better, and there isn't a day that goes by that a guest doesn't remark on the comfort"... " The Best Bed Shop in Shrewsbury".

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