How can you get to sleep in hot weather?

How can you get to sleep in hot weather?


Finding yourself struggling to get to sleep, or indeed stay asleep during hot or warm weather is a common issue. Regulating your temperature during the night is not so easy when the weather outside is warm. By taking measures to cool yourself or the room down you can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.
The first place to start is where possible, open windows. Allowing the fresh air to circulate in your room will cool the space during the night, while allowing you to breathe better. Adding a fan in front of an open window can help to push the cool air into the room. If you can't sleep with the window open, look at investing in a small aircon unit. These are much quieter than fans and should cool the air better.
Make sure you swap over to summer bedding. This means packing up the 14 tog duvet, along with the fleece bedding until the temperature drastically drops. On hotter nights, swap out the duvet completely and opt for a nice light cotton sheet.
Above all else, you can also look at investing in a cooler - feel mattress, such as cool gel, cool memory foam or cool touch fabrics.
As with any time of year, sleep is easier if you live a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, healthy eating and limiting alcohol will all help you to improve your nights' sleep.

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