Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are the ideal balance between firm and soft which supports your whole body. Foam mattresses remain popular with many people. They contain no springs and come in various firmnesses and thicknesses. The all-over body support minimises the amount of movement you make during the night, so you or your partner won’t be disturbed with uncomfortable tossing and turning. Many people like the way a foam mattress gives all-over support and comfort. Additional to our range of memory foam mattresses, foam mattresses moulds around your body to give optimum comfort levels which help you relax and ease into a good night sleep. 

Foam Mattresses from Dial-a-Mattress

A foam mattress is a soft and resilient mattress that has will help you get your 40 winks and rest comfortably. Foam mattresses have come a long way from being occasional guest beds to becoming a bona fide alternative to your traditional spring-filled mattress. Marrying layers of pressure-relieving memory foam together with resilience foam and Visco gel memory foam they create a uniquely comfortable combination. This compound moulds precisely to the contours of your body which relieves pressure in muscles and joints which alleviates circulatory problems.

Get More Durability from Your Mattress

Foam mattresses can also be flipped and turned over so that they last even longer. This will give one side an opportunity to rest and restore its original shape back while you sleep on the other side.

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