Metal Beds

Metal beds are an ergonomic and stylish choice when shopping for a new bed frame. Here at Dial-A-Mattress, we have a selection of metal beds in a selection of sizes and styles. Whether you are looking for a space-saving bunk bed or a large double bed – you’ll find your bed solution here. Metal beds are a durable frame solution that will perform for years with no hassle.

  • Bristol


    Bristol Metal Bed Frames Single £179 Three quarter £209 Double £209 King size ..

  • Cambourne


    Cambourne Metal Bed Frames Single £249 Three quarter £279 Double £279 King £..

  • Contract


    Contract Metal Bed Frames Single £149 Doubles £189 Description: Dial-a-Mattress ar..

  • £99.00

    A clean, contemporary styled metal bed with simple detailing finished in a silky, satin grey finish...

  • £319.00

    Julian Bowen email 02/11/21 -  VIC002 VICTORIA STONE WHITE BED 135CM 42 21/10/2021 ..

  • £149.00

    Waverly Metal Bed Frames  Waverly Metal Bed Frames in silverDim..

  • £109.00

    ALP001 ALPEN BED 90CM 0 09/12/2021 ALP001A ALPEN BED 120CM 0 04/12/2021 ALP0..

  • £159.00

     Chatsworth Metal Bed Frames Julian Bowen email,  container due date; CHA002 CH..

  • £109.00

    Rebecca Metal Bed Frames Rebecca bed in Stone White Finish with Sprung Slatted Base. Also available..

  • £129.00

    Kelly Metal Bed Frames Single £129 Double £169 Single dimensions 990 x 2000 x 970 Dou..

  • £149.00

    Arabella Metal Bed Frames Arabella Bed in Stone White Finish with Sprung Slatted Base Single bed f..

  • £149.00

    Keswick Metal Bed Frames Keswick Metal Bed Frames available in Cream 3' Dimensions W 99cm x&n..

  • £169.00

    Dunbar Metal Bed Frames Dunbar Metal Bed Frames available in Black and chrome Assembled ..

  • £139.00

    Marlborough 4'6 Metal Bed Frame Marlborough Metal Bed Frames available in an oak bed frame wit..

  • £239.00

    Sophie Metal Bed Frame Sophie Bed in Stone White Finish with Elegant Crystal-Effect Finials and Spr..

From Ornate To Classic Metal Frames

Our selection of metal bed frames ranges from the ornate to the classic, with something to suit every bedroom.
If you are looking for something a little classy, our collection includes frames with delicate designs, arty brass finishings and many are available in a stunning ivory finish.
Sleek lines, and firm ends are what takes your fancy, our collection includes some modern designs. Straight lines and geometric shapes are the beds of the future, if this is for you, we've got you covered.
A great advantage of metal frames is that they can take some serious wear and tear before they start to show age marks. So if you move house often, or just move your room around, scratches aren't going to appear too quickly! It's also great if the kids use the frame as a car track or a princess castle!
No matter which metal frame takes your fancy, we have the best selection of mattresses, available in all sizes. Complete the new bed feel with the perfect mattress, getting you back to a great night's sleep.

Choosing A Metal Frame With Dial-A-Mattress

Choosing a new bed is a very personal decision, here at Dial-A-Mattress we're here to give you a helping hand. From answering any questions you may have, to offering suggestions based on customer feedback. We aim to get you the right bed for you. Contact us today to find your perfect bed.

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