Everyone who's had a headboard before, and everyone knows the value of a good quality headboard. Without one, your pillows will just hang off or fall from the end of your bed and your head will never rest right during the night. Because of this. they're pretty much a requirement for a great night's sleep! Browse our range of soft, stylish and luxurious headboards below.

Why Do You Need A Headboard?

Not only do headboards keep pillows in place and promote a better night’s sleep, they also offer other benefits including: 

  • Support your head and back while sitting up in bed
  • Creates a barrier between you and the cold wall
  • Prevents wall damage
  • Add interest and elevate your bedroom decor
  • Some headboards have shelving built in for extra storage

Technically, you can still use a bed without a headboard. However, with so many underestimated benefits, why would you not consider one? In fact, most, if not all bed frames today come with a matching headboard. The addition of a headboard truly completes the whole look of a bed frame. Without one attached to your bed frame, you might think something is missing from your bedroom decor!

Browse Our Range Of Luxury Upholstered Headboards

At Dial-A-Mattress, we stock a variety of headboards in a number of different sizes, depths and styles to match a variety of different bedroom themes. Our range consists of a number of headboards available in bed frame sizes from small single, single, three quarter, double and king. Our headboards are made from high-quality upholstery materials for a comfortable and luxurious hotel feel.  Some of our top favourites and recommendations include our classic and best seller York headboard, our Isabela headboard for a crushed velvet look, our Vienna headboard for a button tufted effect and our simply stylish yet modern Sophia headboard. With that said, any of our headboards are sure to jazz up your bedroom decor!

How To Fit A Headboard To Your Bed Frame?

Fitting your headboard to your bed frame, depends on the type of headboard you choose. The majority of our headboards are either wooden strutted or floorstanding. A wooden strutted headboard has two woodens struts which are bolted to the bed frame or it can also be mounted to the wall. A floor-standing, or a freestanding headboard is a separate unit and it stands directly on the floor, positioned between the wall and the bed frame. Floor-standing headboards generally do not require any drilling, but some headboards have the option of both types. For instance, our Nairobi headboard can be floor-standing or strutted, the choice is yours!

For Headboards in Shrewsbury, Contact Dial-A-Mattress

However, if you’re looking for a complete bed set, you might be interested in our range of divan sets, which include an upholstery bed frame, a matching headboard and a fitted mattress. Our diverse range is available for next day or same day delivery depending on how far away you are. We also have finance options available for your convenience. 

To check stock availability and for any enquiries, please get in contact by calling us on 01743 463157. Otherwise, feel free to visit our showroom in Shropshire, Shrewsbury to view our in-store range of headboards and more. Our team will be happy to assist you and help you find the right headboard for your bedroom style.

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