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Lounge furniture can help to pull your entire interior decor plan together, and our team is here to show you how. A fully furnished living space expresses who you are! The style, design and shape of the furniture are vastly varied at Dial-A-Mattress, ensuring there is something for everyone. From coffee tables and sideboards to dining sets and much more. We offer a wide range of lounge furniture to compliment your downstairs living area and your home. So, have a browse and speak to our team for support.

Why Choose Your Lounge Furniture From Dial-A-Mattress?

Not only do we offer a wide range of lounge furniture, we have a friendly and helpful team who have a wide range of knowledge to help you choose the right items for you.


We prioritise having a comprehensive range of furniture from lounge furniture to bedroom furniture and much more. We offer a large variation of furniture to make sure our team can talk you through how the different styles and sizes can benefit your home in different ways. It’s crucial that you find furniture that suits and benefits your home, while also working to your advantage. Not only this, but we offer very competitive prices, all from our privately owned store in Shrewsbury.


Our showroom is a lot bigger than it used to be to ensure our customers have enough room to browse the maximum amount of furniture we have to offer. This is a welcoming space for you to browse our styles and sizes where you can talk to our knowledgeable staff members who will be happy to hear your specific requirements and needs for your furniture.

It helps us to find the perfect furniture item for you when you can brief us on your exact requirements. We can then take care of the rest! Visit us today and we’ll show you around.

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You can find our location, phone number, contact email, opening times, delivery information as well as our helpful enquiry form via our contact page.


When you visit our showroom, you can be assured that our team members will only help you if you make an enquiry, and that help will always be genuine and beneficial to your browsing experience. Our team is not pushy or the type to follow you around the store, the furniture is for you to browse with ease!

We are a reliable furniture provider, and we are highly trusted due to our vast industry knowledge, kind team and high-quality across all of our services!


We’re happy to help.

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