Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses offer excellent support, by moulding to your body shape. They come in a variety of firmnesses and have different types. Some are all foam types with memory foam on the outer surface, some are memory foam over a traditional Bonnell spring unit, others are memory foam over a pocket spring unit.

Memories of Dreams

Memory foam mattresses have taken the nation by storm since their introduction. And it is clear to see why. These wonderful mattresses offer the sleeper excellent support while moulding to your body shape, without leaving a lasting dent when you move.

Whether you are looking for a full memory foam mattress, if you're looking for the comfort mixed with a traditional spring or a hypoallergenic mattress, we have something for you. Gone are the days that all memory foam mattresses are considered "soft", they are now available all the way up to firm, allowing you to choose the firmness, while still enjoying the moulding benefits.

Our collection of memory foam mattresses are available from single, right up to super-king, allowing you maximum comfort no matter what size your bed is.

Looking for Delivery?

Dial-a-Mattress delivery vans are out and about every day, making sure that you can have your mattress delivered right to your doorstep. No more mattress rolling to fit it into your car! If you need more information on our delivery service please check out our delivery page or contact us today.

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