Children’s Beds & Bed Frames

If you’re looking for children’s beds or children’s bed frames? You’re in the right place. Whether you are looking for a simple children’s bed or a bunk bed for extra space and storage, here at Dial-A-Mattress we have a diverse range of different bed frames available in store. Children’s beds come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve built our collection on what our customers want to ensure we have a child’s bed to suit everyone’s style, budget or requirements. We understand how important it is for every member of a household to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Well, how are you going to pursue that great night’s sleep? Why don’t you browse our range today and say hello to blissful bed times!

Fun but functional children’s beds

All parents have experienced that time of the evening where children don't want to go to bed. So, why not find them a bed that they can’t wait to snuggle up in? Finding the right bed might make bed time a little easier on the entire family. 

Whether you're looking for something to make your little one feel like royalty, with an ornate ivory frame. Or your little monkey wants something they can climb up or hide under. Our selection offers something to suit each and every child! If space is an issue, our fantastic sleep stations offer great storage under a mid sleeper. Looking for something for a sleepover? We’ve got you covered with a frame hiding a pull out spare bed! Great for friends staying over and quiet nights, it's a real all rounder.

Here’s our Product Guide to help with any questions you may have, and if you’re still curious, contact our fantastic team members today.

Confidence in your childrens bed frame choice

Our children (and their comfort) mean the world to us, and because of this, we want to give them the best night's sleep possible, preparing them for the day ahead. When you have chosen your child's new bed frame, don't forget to pair it with the right mattress. Take a look at our selection of mattresses where you'll find pure comfort for your little ones, making their dreams a little more special!

Why choose Dial-A-Mattress?

Here at Dial-A-Mattress, our helpful and friendly staff members can provide you with a superb collection of mattresses, beds and furniture at very competitive prices, all from our privately owned store in Shrewsbury. Since 2004, we’ve grown from a small shop into a brand new (and much larger) showroom to provide our customers with a generous amount of space allowing them to browse our products with ease.

We are experienced due to providing Metal, Wooden, Leather and Electric beds from a large range of manufacturers including:

  • Silentnight
  • Julian Bowen
  • Kozee Sleep
  • Slumberland
  • Dura Beds
  • Kayflex
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Furmanac (Electric Beds)
  • Limelight Beds (Metal, Wooden and Leather Beds)
  • Time Living (Metal Beds)

We love what we do, and we can’t wait to talk you through our options of children’s beds, bed frames and more!

Contact our team

Not only are we a trusted, reliable and experienced bed and mattress provider, we offer advice too! Our latest news offers support such as sleep tips, bedroom environment, health and wellbeing and info regarding National Bed Month.

We’re here to ensure you make the best decisions when it comes to yours and your child’s night time comfort. It’s invaluable!

We pride ourselves on our helpful expertise and friendly staff members. We are here to help, and our team is ready for you to contact us with your queries, specific requirements or concerns.

Via our contact page, you can find our location, telephone number, email, opening hours and our useful enquiry form. Get in touch today to find the perfect children’s mattress or bed frame for your household.


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