White Bed Frames

White bed frame serves as a luxurious centrepiece for any bedroom, and it is important to find the right bed frame that makes the right impression. Whether you’re looking for a white metal bed or a white wooden bed frame plus much more. Additional to the frame materials, we have a huge selection of sizes and styles of bed frames including; bunk beds, children’s beds, double beds, single beds and everything in between.

Classic, Minimal, White Bed Frames

White bed frames can suit any number of different bedrooms. From those who love the minimalism and simplicity of a pure white frame to those who want the light colour to stand out in an otherwise busy room.
Double bed frames in white, twinned with a luxuriously comfortable new mattress will have you feeling like you're being treated to a hotel stay. Meanwhile, your little princess will be feeling truly like royalty in the ornate white metal frames we have on offer. Not to mention the little explorers who can hide underneath a white high sleeper.

Why White

White has classically been known as the colour of cleanliness, minimalism and elegance. It's a great way to bring this into your own bedroom.
If you are someone who decorates their bedroom often, opting for a white frame will ensure that your frame will not look out of place, regardless of the colour of your room.
With children's rooms, we know that they are decorated more often than our own. Investing in one of our high-quality white beds will ensure that each time you change their room as they grow, the bed can stay relevant for them.
Remember, your mattress is just as important as finding the perfect frame, so head over to our mattresses to find the right one for you.

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