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Which cot bed mattress should I choose?

Cot mattresses are like any other mattress, there are lots of different ones, for example, foam, spring and pocket spring. It’s a case of the more you spend the more you get, so always buy the best one you can afford. If your comparing sprung with foam mattresses, the sprung ones are definitely more comfortable


What size is a cot bed mattress?

Standard size for a cot bed mattress is 70*140cm


Are memory foam mattresses hot?

Some people have said that they can feel hot, but not all of them do. Needless to say, the mattress doesn’t generate heat, it's only your body that does that, hot air rises so your bed covers will keep the heat in. So, if you find you are getting hot you may need to put thinner layers of bed covers on your bed. Alternatively, you can look at cool touch fabrics that some mattresses use, or cool feel memory foam mattresses or cool gel-type mattresses. These are all available with Dial a Mattress.


What is a pocket sprung mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress has individual springs that are sewn into their own individual sleeves or pockets, so the springs can work independently of each other. These tend to be more expensive mattresses, in the best fabrics with the best fillings.


What is a latex mattress?

Latex is made from a naturally occurring product and is a processed resin from the rubber tree, (there is also a synthetic version). Being natural it breathes naturally, and moulds to your body shape in a similar way to memory foam. There are various different latex mattresses, normally it's just a layer of latex over a foam base or over springs, or over pocket springs. It is generally only put on the more expensive mattresses.


What are the best mattresses?

The best mattresses have high pocket spring counts and use natural fillings for example wool, cashmere, and silks. Others have memory foam or latex, it depends on the support you are looking for.


How is it best to clean a mattress?

You can use a carpet cleaner to clean your mattress if it doesn’t work purchase a new one. If it is just a small mark, you can use a fabric cleaner and damp cloth. If you have any more questions about cleaning your mattress, please contact us today.


How long should a mattress last?

A good mattress should last 8 years or more. If you need a new mattress please get in touch today to find out our latest deals.


How long do memory foam mattresses last?

Memory foam mattresses should last as long as any other mattress, it just means buying a better quality one. A firmer mattress should last longer than soft mattresses as with soft mattresses its harder for the fillings to recover fully. If you have any more questions about memory foam mattresses, please contact us today.

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