Mattresses in Telford

Mattresses in Telford

The right or wrong mattress can affect the way in which you live your life! Our mattresses are affordable and comfortable. We stock some of the UK’s most loved brands in a range of sizes.

For mattresses in Telford look no further than Dial-A-Mattress. As well as several different sized mattresses we also stock a number of different styles of mattresses including -

Traditional sprung mattresses
Pocket sprung mattresses
Memory Foam Mattresses
• Foam Mattresses
• Latex mattresses

We guarantee we have a mattress to suit your sleeping preferences.

The Only Destination for Mattresses in Telford

To ensure a restful and relaxing night’s sleep, one of the most important factors is a quality mattress. Dial-A-Mattress supply high-quality mattresses, and we know what a good mattress is. Our mattresses are durable comfortable and supportive built to last and have you sleeping soundly for years. Everyone requires different levels of comfort and our bodies come in all shapes and sizes which is why we have a mattress for all our customers.

Single mattresses are great for saving space yet have enough room for children to grow. They are a great addition to be used in guest bedrooms. For couples or first-time buyers then a double mattress is the option for you. Great for spreading out or snuggling up with one another, we offer spacious double mattresses that will offer a great amount of space without putting you out of pocket.
After you've decided on your new mattress why not shop our range of bed frames to support it and complete your bedroom makeover.

Five Reasons to Invest in a New Mattress

We spend a third of our lives asleep and although investing in a top-quality mattress may seem like a big undertaking, the health benefits are priceless.
Let's take a look at five reasons buying a great mattress is a great idea -

1. Less Stress - When you only manage around 4-5 hours of sleep this can bring on stress, increase your blood pressure and affects your heart. Waking up re-energised and refreshed each morning after a good night's sleep on a comfortable mattress makes a massive difference to how you act and react throughout the day.
2. Ease Lower Back Pain - Your spine and vertebrae is affected by the mattress you sleep on every night. By looking for a quick fix mattress you are putting your back at risk. Waking up with a sore back will disrupt your sleeping patterns and hinder you performing your daily tasks. Our range of mattresses provide ample back support and rule out the possibility of back pain.
3. It's a Money Saver! - As we mentioned earlier buying a decent new mattress may cost you considerably more, but it will last you much longer, making it a sound investment.
4. Keep the Bed Bugs at Bay - Bed bugs can be a problem for some households but a high-quality mattress from Dial-a-Mattress will have anti-bed bug characteristics that will give you a good night's sleep without worrying about bed bugs.
5. Live Healthier - A good night's sleep has been proven to boost your immune system and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. There really is no replacement for a peaceful night's sleep, so investing in a new mattress will maintain or improve your health.

Get in Touch for Mattresses in Telford

Mattresses from Dial-a-Mattress are comfy and supportive so if you’d like to know more about our range or have any questions about deliveries, please contact a member of our team today.


Mattresses in Telford

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