Traditional Sprung Mattress in Telford

Traditional sprung mattresses offer a rod wire border surrounding a series of connected springs for full body support. Because the springs are connected as one, the mattress provides support for the entire sleeping area. Traditional sprung mattresses in Telford are reasonably priced and offer great value for money as well as a variety of choice of comfort levels.

Full Body Support with Traditional Sprung Mattresses in Telford

Traditional sprung mattresses are often referred to as open spring are one of the most popular choices of mattresses in Telford. Comfort and support come from the springs which are covered by a layer of fabric and or foam topper. Meaning you’ll drift off into sleep and well rested. Full body support relieves pressure on your muscles and joints, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

Here at Dial-A-Mattress, we offer a huge choice of traditional sprung mattresses in Telford. Browse our collection of high-quality mattresses by some of the UK’s most popular manufacturers. Our mattresses range from smaller singles for children’s beds right the way through to a king size mattress and everything in between.

Our mattresses are available for free delivery so see if you qualify for our service take a look at our terms and conditions here. We have a huge collection of mattresses to choose from, including pocket, sprung, memory foam, latex and more, not only that our mattresses are catered to suit any budget.

Bed Frames and Traditional Sprung Mattresses in Telford

Additionally, if you’re looking at getting a new mattress why not view our range of bed frames for a complete bedroom makeover. We stock a vast collection of bed frames including metal, wooden and fabric – to name a few.

If you would like to see our beds and mattresses in Telford, feel free to come and visit us at our store in Shrewsbury.

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