How Should I Arrange my Bedroom Furniture?

How Should I Arrange my Bedroom Furniture?


With each bedroom having a different configuration, with windows, doors and walls in different places, there is no one layout suits all. You don't need to be a professional organiser to make the most of your bedroom, using your space logically can increase your usable space.

For the best night's sleep, we recommend that the head of your bed is away from both the radiator and the window where possible. Both the heat from the radiator and the breeze from a window can lead to disturbed sleep and potential headaches the following morning. We appreciate this isn't always possible, when you have no choice, take additional measures to reduce the impact, such as thick curtains or no heating during the night/early morning.
If you are looking to have bedside cabinets, these make great spaces for your bedside lamp, and your drink for the night. Investing in bedside cabinets with drawers means you have an extra storage space rather than just a table.
Wardrobes are a necessity in many bedrooms (for those of us who don't have the pleasure of space for a walk-in wardrobe). If you have an oddly shaped room, investing in made to measure built-in wardrobes can help you make the most of your room. If you have ample space or perfectly sized spaces, invest in the right wardrobe to fit the space.
If you are adamant about having a TV in the bedroom, we often advise against this as it can affect your sleep. You will want this in a position that can be seen regardless of how you are lay in bed. This will allow you to be comfortable while watching without the need to strain your neck or awkwardly twist your posture.
If you are starting from scratch in a room, measuring the space first can help you to not overcrowd the room. Use masking tape to mark out the shape of your furniture on the floor to ensure you can comfortably manoeuvre around the room. Avoid overcrowding your room where possible, this can help you to clear your mind at night, making for a clearer night's sleep.

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