How do you attach a headboard to a bed?

How do you attach a headboard to a bed?


Most headboards come with wooden struts. Remove all packaging, on a clean surface lie the headboard face down, with your fingers find the screw holes in the back of the headboard, use a screwdriver to tear the fabric to reveal holes (there should be 4, 2 either side) now attach wooden struts to the back of the headboard using bolts provided. Once this is done it’s now time to put the headboard onto the bed. Once again you now need to find screw holes on your divan base these can sometimes be found on each end of the bed.

There usually situated an inch from the top of the divan base. Tear the fabric to reveal holes. With your divan base should have come 2 bolts which the wooden struts sit on, attach these to the divan base. Grab the headboard and line up the wooden struts with the 2 bolts, once happy with height of the headboard tighten until the headboard can not be moved.

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