Bed Frames in Telford

­­Bed Frames in Telford

We have a fantastic selection of bed frames in Telford available at Dial-A-Mattress. Our bed frames are made from a number of materials and finishes including:

Our beds are the perfect frame to hold your new or existing mattress that will have you sleeping comfortably and uninterrupted.

Our Huge Range of Bed Frames in Telford

For a good night’s sleep on a bed frame which complements your bedroom decor, take a look at our bed frames in Telford from Dial-A-Mattress. Our bed frames are for any and all those who enjoy a good night’s sleep (basically everyone!)

Wooden bed frames are a classic style for modern homes, which will never go out of style. Our metal bed frames are another classic style that is a practical, high-quality and cost-effective option. Fabric beds add a touch of colour and softness to any bedroom. We have a wide range of bed frames in different sizes, from single and double to king and super king size. We guarantee all of our bed frames, whatever the size you require, are both cosy and comfortable.

Five Reasons to Invest in a New Bed Frame

There are many reasons why you should invest in a new bed frame. It could be that your current bed frame is starting to show signs of ageing or it could be that the frame is broken. If you need further encouragement, here are five other reasons to invest in a new bed frame today:

  1. Mattress Support - bed frames are designed to hold and support your mattress. Without a bed frame, you may feel restless or discomfortable when trying to fall asleep or experience back pain.
  2. Better Aesthetics - Not only does a bed frame offer support but it also attributes to your interior style. A new bed frame can change the entire look, improving the overall aesthetic of the bedroom.
  3. Extra Storage - Some bed frames are equipped with extra pull out drawers, giving you more space to store your bulky items or any other belongings.
  4. Prevent Mould - Most people spend at least 8 hours asleep on their mattress every single night. Sweat, dead skin cells, food stains and other debris can settle on mattresses, and this can  become mouldy if not maintained properly
  5. Banish Insects - in general, the chances of attracting fleas and bed bugs are more likely if mattresses are laid on the floor instead of in a new bed frame.

Visit Dial-A-Mattress For High-Quality and Stylish Bed Frames in Telford

We have a bed frame to suit everyone's style and budget. We operate out of a showroom based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire which is only 20 mins away from Telford. If you live within our local radius, our own team can offer you fast delivery. Otherwise, we offer standard delivery to our customers across England and Wales.

We have a wide selection of bed frames in Telford to choose from and we guarantee you will find the right one. As well as a huge range of bed frames, we also have a great selection of mattresses and bedroom furniture to perfectly match your new bed frame.

Speak to one of our team members by getting in contact today to find out more about a particular bed frame you may have your eyes on or for any enquiries.

Bed frames in Telford

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